Friday, July 29, 2011

Church Summer Reading Program

The past 2 Thursday's we have went to the Summer Reading Program at Church. The kids have had a great time, can't wait for next year. Our friend Makenna got to join us. They read a bunch of stories, watched videos, had visitors that came and told about their occupation/hobby, had lunch, made crafts, and went on field trips.  We all enjoyed ourselves.

On the first Thursday we went to a goat/duck farm and learned how Mr. Goad took care of his animals. They loved getting to feed the ducks.

Ashton didn't want to be in the group picture, lol. 

This past Thursday, we enjoyed a few visitors, the first one was Ms. Brenda from the Forestry Department. She talked to the children about fire safety and then she showed us her work truck.  
 This gadget measured wind speed, the air temp. along with humidity in the air.

 Group Shot (I was the silly mom who always had her camera)
 Our second visitors was the Volunteer Fire Department. They talked about home fire safety and showed us the fire truck. They had lots of tools, I never knew about. 

At the very end, we had a special visitor, Smokey the Bear......

We had a great time, can't wait for next year. 

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