Friday, April 22, 2011

Egg Dying

I can always remember Egg dying as a part of getting ready for Easter. I love carrying on family traditions and this is one that is so much fun. Gee and Aunt Chesney, Sissy and Tucker came up to join in on the fun. The kids done a wonderful job and had alot of fun. I love to see the change in interest in the children from year to year, as they get older they enjoy it so much more. Ashton & Cadence, loved seeing the change in the egg from white to color. Gee even had like a wax crayon and you could write on the egg and when it came out of the dye, your writing was white, while the egg was colored. It was pretty neat. Needless, to say I hope you and your children dye eggs, we really enjoy it. What do you and your family do to get ready for Easter, do you have any traditions?

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