Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's February!

This year is already flying by, I can't believe it is February. January, was so much fun starting the new off as a family of 5. Our major highlights for January are as follows: Celebrating New Years, Our 1 year Anniversary, Analyn's first time in the swing, First Snow of the Year, Analyn went to the kidney specialist, Analyn's first bath, Nephew Garrett's Birthday, Cousin Bailey's Birthday,  Analyn's first family dinner, Analyn's first bites of cereal with a spoon, and many, many visits from family and friends. I am trying to keep up with things a little bit better so I am keeping a daily planner with everything we do in it. We also have a very busy month planned as well. I am already starting planning Ashton's birthday party which will be on March 5th, he will be 3! He wants a "Tractor" party and his picture is on his invite and here is my cutie pie, posing for his mama.

He is such a Ham! He loves to have his picture made and I love it that he likes to cheese it up for me. 
I can't wait to see how his party will turn out, I am very excited but can't believe how fast my baby has grown. He is such a big boy, before Analyn I would always say " You are Mama's baby" now he says "I not a baby I'm a BIG BOY". I tell him " You will always be Mama's baby, but you are a BIG BOY too". He is such a good, loving, sweet and caring child. He is always there to lend me a helping hand with his sister. He loves her so much. He tells everybody she is his baby. Always ask if we are going to take her with us when we go somewhere and he is just crazy about her. I'm so thankful for my two babies. They light up my life so much. Never knew such joy, I never knew a love like the love I have for my children. I am truly blessed. I love this month, it is all about LOVE. It seems like we have every weekend planned already except this one, how funny is that. Just goes to show how busy we get without even realizing it. Today is Groundhog Day, Super Bowl on the 6th,  in 12 days it is VALENTINES Day, 6 days after that I will turn the big 25, and 4 days after that my grandparents will celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary. This month has lots of good things to celebrate, I can't wait to partake in it all. We are also having another Realtor come and look at our house, hopefully putting it on the market and selling it soon. Little Miss will also get her 2 month old well check up this month and those dreaded shots, I hate it. That is just a little bit that I can think of right now to get our month started off. What else can we fit on our plate? I'm sure you are just as busy. 

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  1. House on the market huh? Where ya'll gonna move too? Woodbury maybe? :) Ashton IS getting so big. He's so cute but looks just like his dang Daddy. Haha. Sounds like ya'll have a busy month planned. Every since Christmas, the weekends have been pretty laid back for us. It's actually been pretty nice. HAPPY LOVE MONTH!!!!