Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy BOO to YOU

We had a fun filled night of trick or treating. This is our first year to actually live in a subdivison, so we could trick or treat here in our own neighborhood. Uusally, we would drive to one in town or just drive around to friends and family's homes that we knew near by. So, it was very neat to have that experience, I enjoyed it very much, so did the children. Just lock your door and walk around the block was very nice. Ashton was very excited and ready to go, especially after our 4 hour power nap, lol. My mom (Gee Gee) and sister in law (Chesney), along with my niece (Cadence)  and nephew (Tucker) drove down to join us and Chesney's mom (Debbie) joined  as well. I had a great time watching the kids trick or treat, seeing how much they have grown and how into it they were this year from last. They were so funny. My little man was not big into dressing up, I got him a Thomas the Train costume (he loves Thomas) but he didn't want to wear it, so it was not a big deal. He wore his Skeleton pajamas. Cadence was a Devil, she was so cute, her skirt had built in lights, so she twinkled and was beautiful. Tucker was a Cow and he slept through the whole night. It was a beautiful day outside but turned out rather chilly this evening, so we didn't stay out to long. Here's what our spooky night looked like....

We had a great time, I am so glad our children are so close in age. Cadence and Ashton are only 6 months apart, Cadence being the oldest. Tucker and Analyn will only be 5 months apart, with Tucker being the oldest. They will grow up so close and be able to play and enjoy each other so much. I hope you and your family had a Safe & Happy Halloween!

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