Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Family Time

What have we been up to? Nothing much, just enjoying each others company and the beautiful weather. Ashton and I met my brother and his family at the park to play and it couldn't of been a better day. We played for a little while, went and had lunch at Sonic and went back to play some more. The kids had a great time and I enjoyed spending time with my brother and his wife. I can't believe it is almost November and we are still in shorts, even though fall is here, it seems like it is still warm outside for this time of the year.
Ashton would rather play with his diggers any day than play on the playground.He loves playing outdoors. 
We have also been spending time with this little man. He is such a good baby, always smiling.
Our little Tucker, Ashton just loves kissing all over him when he is over. Look at this face, every time I get my hands on him, I just want to eat him up.
Belly shot for all of you fans.


  1. Looks like little Ashton had fun playing with his diggers. You look great Ashley!!

  2. That's a cute picture of you and your hubby!!! Jermey's baby boy is so sweet.

  3. I love all the pictures! You look awesome, Ashley! Your little man is just too cute!