Friday, July 16, 2010

Long Time, No Blog

It seems like forever since I've updated my blog site, but thanks to a great friend I am more motivated then ever. Well, since October our lives have been very busy. Last, I wrote about our Florida vacation and since then a lot has happened. From October to January, I married my best friend in the whole wide world, Keith. Moved from my small hometown of Woodbury to the big city of Murfreesboro. Life in the city is different from the country but we all are adjusting well. I just have neighbors and live 15 minutes from Wal-Mart, instead of 30. I've gone from working a normal 8-3 job to a stay at home mama, and believe me that's still work. I love every minute of it, wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks to the good Lord, I have a husband who has a great career that allows me to do that. Moving on from January into April, we found out we were expecting. On April 21st, I went to the doctor for a blood test to confirm and sure enough we were. We were all very excited and praying everything would go well for my first trimester. On into June, my brother and sister in law brought another little addition into our lives, making it better than ever. I was raised up where family is the most important gift that you can be granted and Tucker has just brought so much more into our lives. I love watching my granny and pa hold their great grand babies. It just makes you want to melt. So, as of now, I am past my first trimester and everything is well. Going to the monthly doctor visits, hearing the heart beat just makes you thank God for everything we have, and to have something so precious, tiny and innocent growing inside of you just makes life so much sweeter. I'm so grateful for life itself. As of today, we found out we are having a girl. I am jumping for joy, boy or girl it would not of mattered, but with 2 boys, it's time for a girl. We are going to name her, Analyn. Keith gets to pick them middle name and it is still under construction. Our oldest just got back from Florida and will be going back to school, shortly. Cade will be going into 3rd grade, he is so smart and growing so fast! Ashton, is doing great. All he talks about is riding tractors, Old (Grand daddy's tractor) Red and Orange (Dad's tractor) and riding the Gator. He is so full of energy, all he wants to do is run, run and run some's amazing how much energy they have. Wish I had that much energy. Well, I believe that should have me caught up from where I left off, and will do my best to keep up !

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